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At Stormberg Orthodontics, we work hard to provide effective and efficient orthodontic care to our patients. In doing so, we want to use the most up-to-date orthodontic technology and orthodontic appliances. We offer a number of orthodontic treatment plans with braces or Invisalign, for all ages, to move teeth to a straighter, more functional position. To correct a Class II malocclusion, one of the most common types of orthodontic problems, we use a MARA appliance, short for mandibular anterior repositioning appliance. This orthodontic appliance is an ideal step for teeth and jaw correction prior to braces. Continue reading below to learn more about MARA in San Diego!

What is MARA?

MARA is a fixed orthodontic appliance, it is “fixed” in place and cannot be removed by the patient. This specific orthodontic appliance works to move the patient’s lower jaw forward so that the top and bottom teeth will meet. When functioning correctly, the only way for the patient to bite down, with MARA in place, is to slide their lower jaw forward. With time, jaw correction will occur and the bottom jaw will move forward to align with the top jaw. Typically, it takes about 9-12 months for full jaw correction with MARA.

Instructions & Rules To Follow

When wearing MARA, it is very important to follow the instructions given to you by your San Diego orthodontist. Remember these helpful tips and you’ll get used to MARA in no time:

Jaw Position Corrector:

Your MARA is ready to help fix your jaw position. At first, it will probably feel awkward to hold your jaw forward while eating. Your teeth will not fit together well and you will not chew perfectly. This will improve after a few weeks

Soft Foods:

Start eating soft foods after your MARA appliance has been put in place. These will be easier to chew and more comfortable during the first few weeks.

How Long Will I Need MARA?

You will have MARA about 9-12 months

A Reminder: Care For Your Appliance:

The arms and elbows of the MARA are only guides to show you where to bite. DO NOT bang or chew on them or they will break and come loose. Most patients are very careful and last the entire time without breaking their MARA. If any parts of the MARA does break, please call Stormberg Orthodontics right away to schedule an appointment.

IrritationWax Is Your Friend –

The MARA appliance may cause irritation on your gums and cheeks but this should go away in about a week. We recommend using orthodontic wax on the appliances, warm salt water rinses, or Rincinol to help heal the soft tissues. your bite will change over the next few months from its original position and the MARA will probably need to be adjusted. You may notice small spaces between your front teeth and these will be closed later.


As always, make sure to brush effectively, removing all food particles from your teeth and the orthodontic appliance. If you ever have questions about your MARA appliance, never hesitate to ask your San Diego orthodontist. We want to ensure that your jaw correction and braces journey is as smooth as possible.

What are you waiting for?

Smile Brighter Today!

We have treatments to bring out the best in any smile. Learn about your options at your complimentary visit.

What are you waiting for?

Smile Brighter Today!

We have treatments to bring out the best in any smile. Learn about your options at your complimentary visit.