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Our Mission and Policies

As the leading orthodontic practice serving the San Diego, El Cajon, and La Mesa, CA communities, Stormberg Orthodontics provides state-of-the-art orthodontic services and treatments in an atmosphere that feels like a second home! Here at Stormberg Orthodontics, Dr.  Kurt Stomberg and our dental team know the fundamental importance of professional orthodontic services for you and your family, as expert orthodontic examinations and treatment plans can play a huge role in your visual appearance and well-being. Whether you’re an adult, adolescent, or child, it’s our vision to help you achieve a picture-perfect smile you’re proud to show off to the world!


Our Vision: San Diego Orthodontics For All Ages

When you choose Stormberg Orthodontics, you can rest easy in knowing that each member of our dental team is extensively trained in all facets of professional orthodontic services! As a staff, we regularly conduct training sessions and attend continuing education courses to stay up-to-date with the latest orthodontic techniques – such as Invisalign and Invisalign Teen – so that we can provide you with the most advanced orthodontic treatments possible.

Our Mission: Braces, Invisalign, Invisalign Teen & More

Our mission at Stormberg Orthodontics is simple: Provide customized orthodontic treatment plans for each and every one of our patients!

No two patients have exactly the same dental problems, as some orthodontic issues are very minor in nature, and some are quite severe. At Stormberg Orthodontics, it’s important that each patient is treated according to their individual needs! In our office, a treatment plan for each patient is tailored specifically to their unique orthodontic needs using the most advanced computer imaging programs available!

Our Promise: Receive Expert Care From Your San Diego Orthodontist

At Stormberg Orthodontics, we want to assure you that safety and quality are always on our minds! Our goal is to offer our patients with the best orthodontic products available, ensuring that a maximum level of safety is always maintained so that you can feel at ease during any orthodontic procedure you may need. On a daily basis, our staff provides the highest level of orthodontic treatment in an exciting and challenging environment, creating a harmonious bond between ourselves and all of the wonderful patients we serve!

Here at Stormberg Orthodontics, we promise to:

Never Reuse Braces Or Wires

It is common practice in many orthodontic offices today to utilize “second-hand” and “recycled” braces and wires. We feel that each patient deserves the best; therefore, in our office we do NOT “reuse” the same braces or wires on a second patient.

Utilize The Highest Quality Materials For Braces

The quality of the braces, wires and removable appliances used can differ; just like the difference in quality available in the various household items that you purchase. We use only the highest quality orthodontic materials in order to provide you the very best treatment.

Provide Heat-Activated Wires For Braces

Orthodontic wire is now available with the ability to reactivate itself whenever the patient rinses with warm liquids. This means that teeth move more efficiently with fewer appointments and more convenience to our patients. Treatment time is reduced dramatically with the use of these advanced wires.

Always Wear Protective Gear

We wear protective facemasks, eyewear, and gloves as recommended by the federal offices OSHA and the CDC.

Sterilize Orthodontic Tools & Appliances

All of our orthodontic instruments are thoroughly sterilized with an ultrasonic cleaner and steam autoclave sterilizer after each procedure.

Offer Friendly Customer Service

Our practice prides itself on being customer focused, as we strive to offer our patients over-the-top customer service. We set out to see each patient in a timely manner, return phone calls promptly, and care for patients and their families with tender love and care!

The Stormberg Orthodontics Difference

We understand that orthodontics are not always considered to be “fun,” so at Stormberg Orthodontics, we have set out to change the status quo by providing more than just high quality orthodontic treatments!

At Stormberg Orthodontics, we provide all of our patients with the following:

  • Monthly contests for patients
  • Scholarships for former and current patients (April)
  • Sponsorships for individual teams, schools and other personal interests
  • Breast cancer fundraising with Pink Your Smile (October)
  • Movember Fundraiser for Men’s Health (November)
  • 12 Days of Christmas (December)

Your First Visit: What To Expect


Your custom treatment plan.

Your first visit to our office is the very beginning of your orthodontic journey, and we’re just as excited as you! We will take complimentary xrays and images of your teeth that lets us see what’s going on. Then Dr. Stormberg will perform a thorough examination of your teeth, mouth, and gums. This information helps us design your customized treatment plan.

Braces or aligners just for you.

When you think about braces, you might think about the old-fashioned ones you saw as a kid that made patients look like they had a mouth full of metal. Thanks to some of the newest designs and options, you no longer need to worry about how people look at you or how they perceive you. At Stormberg Orthodontics, we want to help you get the smile that you love with treatment as convenient as possible.

Your new smile.

We price ourselves on giving our patients beautiful, healthy smiles that last a lifetime and that dedication doesn’t end when your braces are removed. Stormberg Orthodontics offers a variety of retainer options to find the best fit for your smile and lifestyle.

Just Moved? We Are Accepting New Patients!

If you have already begun orthodontic treatment and you’ve recently moved to the area, don’t worry, we can help make the process of switching to, or from, our office as easy as possible.
  • Military Transfers
  • Job Transfers
  • College Students
  • Answers To Your FAQs From Dr. Kurt Stormberg

    At what age should I schedule an appointment for an orthodontic screening?

    American Association of Orthodontists recommend you should schedule your child’s first appointment by age 7.  Orthodontic treatment and a child’s growth can complement each other.  By timing orthodontic treatment to predictable stages of dental development, the orthodontist may be able to take advantage of your child’s growth and development.  Some problems that can be treated quite well in a growing child may require corrective surgery or permanent teeth to be extracted if treated after growth has occurred.

    What will happen at the initial examination appointment?

    Before you leave, be sure to have all the necessary information needed to complete our new patient forms, including your insurance information. Then, Dr. Stormberg will complete the examination, which can include X-rays and photographs, to properly diagnose you or your child’s condition. If you want to learn even more about what happens, you can find more information on our First Visit page.

    What will I learn from the initial examination?

    Dr. Stormberg will thoroughly explain your options to you after he completes the exam, and will recommend the best course of treatment. You’ll learn the answers to five important questions during your consultation appointment, including:

    • Is there an orthodontic issue, and if so, what is it?
    • What treatment is needed to correct the problem? Can braces and/or Invisalign correct the problem?
    • Will any teeth need to be removed?
    • How long will treatment take?
    • How much will treatment cost?
    How much will orthodontic treatment cost?

    We can only determine treatment costs after your initial consultation is completed, as each patient’s case is unique. You can learn more about our Financing & Insurance policies on our website, or speak to one of our staff members at the office. We’ll review your financing options with you, and will work with you to maximize your insurance benefits.

    Is it too late to have orthodontic treatment if I am already an adult?

    Adult orthodontics is becoming more common, as orthodontic treatment helps increase overall happiness level, health, and self-esteem. It’s never too late for a beautiful smile!

    What are you waiting for?

    Smile Brighter Today!

    We have treatments to bring out the best in any smile. Learn about your options at your complimentary visit.