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Crooked Teeth - Common Problems We Solve

Each patient is different and requires a unique treatment to achieve a great smile, but malocclusions fall into a number of common categories.


Common Orthodontic Problems & Solutions

At Stormberg Orthodontics, we believe that everyone deserves a beautiful, healthy smile they feel proud to call their own. Unfortunately, most people will face some form of orthodontic problem in their lifetime. As a leading orthodontist serving the La Mesa area, we offer a diverse range of treatment options that can correct virtually any orthodontic problem.

Are Misaligned Teeth a Problem?

All too often, parents wait to take their child to the orthodontist because they think that a bad bite is purely a cosmetic issue or that their child will simply “grow out of it.” Unfortunately, however, neither of these are true! Bad bites, or orthodontic malocclusions, can impair proper oral development. Left untreated, orthodontic problems can cause issues with speech, chewing, sleeping, and even breathing, and misaligned teeth can exacerbate cavity-causing dental decay. That’s why orthodontic treatment is vital for most children.

Common Orthodontic Problems

Each patient is different and requires a unique treatment to achieve a great smile, but malocclusions fall into a number of common categories. The most common orthodontic problems include:

  • Spacing – When teeth are too far apart, sometimes caused by a missing tooth
  • Overbite – When the upper front teeth extend over the lower teeth. This can cause the lower teeth to bite the roof of the mouth
  • Underbite – When the lower front teeth extend past the upper front teeth.
  • Crossbite – When the upper front teeth sit just inside the lower row of teeth. Crossbite malocclusions can lead to misaligned jaw growth and tooth stratification
  • Crowding – When teeth have insufficient room for eruption from the gum line. Orthodontic treatment can frequently correct this without the removal of any teeth.
  • Midlines – This occurs when the back bite does not align appropriately. Correcting this will help ensure healthy jaw development and dental function.
  • Overjet – When the upper teeth are angled or stick out too far forward from the lower teeth. A frequent dental injury can occur by breaking or chipping the front teeth with this type of malalignment.

How it Works

1. Getting to Know You

Your first visit to our office is the beginning of your orthodontic journey, and we’re just as excited as you! We take complimentary Xrays and images of your teeth and Dr. Stormberg performs a thorough examination of your teeth, mouth, and gums. 

2. Custom Treatment Plan

Dr. Stormberg creates a customized treatment plan for each patient to ensure you reach your full smile potential! At Stormberg Orthodontics, we want to help you get the smile that you love with treatment as convenient as possible.

3. Your New Smile

We pride ourselves on giving our patients beautiful, healthy smiles that last a lifetime and that dedication doesn’t end when your braces are removed. Stormberg Orthodontics offers a variety of retainer options to find the best fit for your smile and lifestyle.

Just Moved? We Are Accepting New Patients!

If you have already begun orthodontic treatment and you’ve recently moved to the area, don’t worry, we can help make the process of switching to, or from, our office as easy as possible.
  • Military Transfers
  • Job Transfers
  • College Students
  • Answers To Your FAQs From Dr. Kurt Stormberg

    At what age should I schedule an appointment for an orthodontic screening?

    American Association of Orthodontists recommend you should schedule your child’s first appointment by age 7.  Orthodontic treatment and a child’s growth can complement each other.  By timing orthodontic treatment to predictable stages of dental development, the orthodontist may be able to take advantage of your child’s growth and development.  Some problems that can be treated quite well in a growing child may require corrective surgery or permanent teeth to be extracted if treated after growth has occurred.

    What will happen at the initial examination appointment?

    Before you leave, be sure to have all the necessary information needed to complete our new patient forms, including your insurance information. Then, Dr. Stormberg will complete the examination, which can include X-rays and photographs, to properly diagnose you or your child’s condition. If you want to learn even more about what happens, you can find more information on our First Visit page.

    What will I learn from the initial examination?

    Dr. Stormberg will thoroughly explain your options to you after he completes the exam, and will recommend the best course of treatment. You’ll learn the answers to five important questions during your consultation appointment, including:

    • Is there an orthodontic issue, and if so, what is it?
    • What treatment is needed to correct the problem? Can braces and/or Invisalign correct the problem?
    • Will any teeth need to be removed?
    • How long will treatment take?
    • How much will treatment cost?
    How much will orthodontic treatment cost?

    We can only determine treatment costs after your initial consultation is completed, as each patient’s case is unique. You can learn more about our Financing & Insurance policies on our website, or speak to one of our staff members at the office. We’ll review your financing options with you, and will work with you to maximize your insurance benefits.

    Is it too late to have orthodontic treatment if I am already an adult?

    Adult orthodontics is becoming more common, as orthodontic treatment helps increase overall happiness level, health, and self-esteem. It’s never too late for a beautiful smile!

    What are you waiting for?

    Smile Brighter Today!

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