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To correct a Class II malocclusion, one of the most common types of orthodontic problems, we use a MARA appliance, short for mandibular anterior repositioning appliance. This orthodontic appliance is an ideal step for teeth and jaw correction prior to braces.

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Orthodontic Separator

Orthodontic separators are elastic (usually blue or gray) separators or spacers that are placed in between the back teeth so that orthodontists can more easily place an orthodontic band (like a ring on a finger) on a tooth or teeth the following week.

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A Pendex is a fixed orthodontic appliance that is used to expand the jaw. The metal appliance is put in place by your San Diego orthodontist in order to create more space in the mouth and amongst the teeth.

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Expander Instructions

We’re so excited to partner with you on your journey to a more beautiful, healthy, and confident smile! Dr. Stormberg has likely prescribed a rapid palatal expander to assist in your braces treatment. Please read and follow these dental instructions carefully.

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Invisalign Instructions

We want to ensure that every patient is getting the most out of their orthodontic treatment and that their orthodontic journey is efficient and smooth. For this reason, Dr. Stormberg and our orthodontic staff make sure all of our Invisalign patients fully understand the Invisalign instructions, how to use Invisalign, and how Invisalign works

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Elastics Power

Wearing rubber bands, also known as elastics, is part of what gives your orthodontic treatment the power to create a beautiful new smile. Please read and carefully follow these dental instructions.

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How Long Do You Wear an Invisalign Retainer

Now that you’ve finished your Invisalign treatment and are enjoying your beautiful new smile, you may be thinking that your work is done. Think again! The most important part of your treatment is just getting started, making sure that smile lasts a lifetime.

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During your braces or Invisalign treatment at Stormberg Orthodontics, we not only provide the highest-quality orthodontic appliances, we also work to ensure your teeth stay healthy and beautiful. For some patients, Dr. Stormberg may prescribe an alternative oral care toothpaste called Colgate PreviDent 5000 Ortho Defense.

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Splint Therapy

Splint therapy is one of the many orthodontic services we are happy to offer at Stormberg Orthodontics. Restoring the perfect smile in our San Diego area patients is our number one priority and splint therapy is often used to solve a number of orthodontic problems we encounter.

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Avoidance Therapy for Teeth Grinding

Dr. Stormberg also treats other dental disorders that may cause you discomfort such as teeth grinding, called Bruxism. This condition causes you to grind, gnash or clench your teeth when you are awake or during sleep and can cause snoring and sleep apnea.

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Bonded Fixed Wire Retainers

Congratulations! The major part of your orthodontic treatment is complete! Dr. Stormberg just placed a special retainer on your teeth called a “Bonded or Fixed Wire Retainer” to hold your teeth straight.

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Carriere Appliance

Dr. Stormberg uses this appliance with a clear tray on the opposing arch at the beginning of the treatment, usually for about 3-6 months with good cooperation.

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Biteplane Instructions

A biteplane is a full time wearing appliance, used in fixing your deep overbite. Stormberg Orthodontics provides effective therapy and aftercare for your corrected bite. Read on below to learn more about how to properly wear and take care of your biteplane.

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Twin Blocks Instructions

A Twin Block Functional Appliance is a two-part device worn inside the mouth to correct jaw malalignment. This device was developed in Scotland in the late 1970s and is very effective when worn and cared for properly.

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Retainer Care

Now that you have finished active treatment and are enjoying your beautiful smile, you may be thinking your work is over. Think again! You are entering the most important phase of your treatment – LIFETIME RETENTION!

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Habit Reminder Instructions

A bad habit is sometimes something we do that we know about and have a hard time changing, but it can also be something we don’t know we do and do not know how to change. Your new appliance will help you to change your bad habit.

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